The retailer system requires no changes to implement this technology and the consumer experiences an effortless checkout. eFatoora has perfected this technology providing a robust tried and tested system that prevents fraud and retail disputes but also assists to maintain a green environment. In the unlikely event that there is an issue the eFatoora consoles automatically revert back to the default and prints a receipt so customers are not left waiting. The eFatoora App is the new solution to smart shopping. Download eFatoora and help Dubai become a world leader in proactive green living. Go Green with eFatoora

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Digital Receipts eFatoora allows retailers to provide customers with true digital receipts (rather than just a digital image). Each receipt contains all the relevant purchase data including, time, location, line items and totals. Customers can manage and process all data online for accounts, expenses and even returns. Similarly all consumer purchase data is available to the retailer for processing and analysis.

Smart Digital Receipts Our unique Smart Receipts provide the option to produce short receipts in place of standard (and often lengthy) paper receipts, improving efficiency, reducing waste and significantly reducing costs. Smart Receipts are just 30mm long yet contain all the transaction data embedded in a unique bar code on each receipt. By scanning the bar code, store staff can view the full receipt instantly for security or purchase verification. Customers can also print out the receipt online or in store.


Capture & Loyalty Consumer data, loyalty and sales promotion eFatoora captures all itemised real-time transaction data - regardless of whether the customer uses the system or not. Retailers can access all transaction data online, or within their own systems to get valuable information on their customers' buying habits. eFatoora can also partner with existing loyalty programs making the consumer and retailer experience seamless. This high rate of response provides a large opportunity for businesses to deliver personalized receipts and other information to each consumer. You can send the following and more: Relevant Consumer Services and Transaction Information Links to your Omni-Channel network and Multi-Channel Marketing, such as your website, mobile applications, social pages, and more Targeted Promotions

Bespoke Loyalty eFatoora has the facility to convert this information into customer specific incentives, promotional offers, rewards and loyalty services in a matter of minutes. (Please see Customer Engagement for more information).

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Engaging your customers With the rise in mobile and social media technologies, customer engagement is a key factor for all retailers who wish to maintain their market position and improve sales. eFatoora has been created to do just that and we offer a comprehensive range of engagement modules which allow retailers to communicate directly with customers in a new and interactive way.

Rich Data and it's benefits When combined with rich consumer data, our engagement modules allow retailers to quickly and easily communicate with customers through loyalty, rewards, special promotions, digital couponing, voucher codes and push notices. Moreover, offers can be generic or customer specific, providing total flexibility and greatly enhanced customer experiences.

Returns and recalls The system also provides seamless returns management saving valuable time at the till. Direct to purchaser recall notifications can also be made to mobiles or via the website - a major advantage over passive recall notifications.


We're able to integrate with ePoS systems via existing third party interfaces, or alternatively via bespoke development. Ask us how we can help as a wide variety of options exist to unlock the potential of your till systems.

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eFatoora offers a digital receipt via its mobile application

eFatoora, a smart and sustainable solution, is being launched in Dubai following lab testing and pilots with key partners in the UAE. eFatoora offers an effortless, non-disruptive experience to consumers. The eFatoora app will contribute significantly in reducing the carbon footprint as millions of tonnes of paper is wasted in unwanted receipts and documents. "eFatoora offers a digital receipt via our mobile application, and for those without a smartphone, digital receipts can be uploaded to the dedicated web portal or existing NFC, QR or bar code loyalty cards. More commonly, there is also an e-mail version. eFatoora is a turnkey management system that compliments the efforts of Vision 2021," Yasmine Khan, CEO, eFatoora, said...

eFatoora the turn key solution to becoming paperless

eFatoora, a smart and sustainable solution, is being launched in Dubai following lab testing and pilots with key partners in the UAE. eFatoora offers an effortless, non-disruptive experience to consumers. The launch of eFatoora complements the Smart Dubai initiative, which is a visionary effort undertaken by the Emirate to transform it into the world’s smartest and happiest city by ensuring...

eFatoora at Gitex17 Future Stars

eFatoora the leading turn key innovation that eliminates paper transactions. The eFatoora App is the new solution to smart shopping. Go green and save paper with one easy turnkey solution...

Ten Startups To Watch Out For At GITEX Future Stars 2017

The startups exhibiting at GITEX Future Stars, being held from October 8-12, 2017, will enjoy benefits including access to who’s who of the investor community, and with a fund of over AED1 million in prize money, the event will see entrepreneurs battle it out across three challenges- the Dubai Tourism Challenge, GITEX Supernova, and The Innovation Cup. With so much on the agenda, it’s no wonder that this year’s GITEX Future Stars...

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